Trois Chansons Folkloriques 
A suite of folk songs from French Canada
 J’entends le moulin
One of his most popular compositions, this is often sung in competition, click here for more information
See it on Youtube!
  Un Canadien errant   
  Les Raftsmen 

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Trois chansons folkloriques

A suite of three folk songs from French Canada

   J'entends le moulin (3:52) sa/ss)+piano, opt: finger cymb trg wd.bk claves  earthsongs W-10 

   J'entends le moulin piano score. (The piano part is not in the choral score)  earthsongs W-10a 

   Un Canadien errant (4:45)  unison+piano  earthsongs W-26    

   Les raftsmen (3:05)  ssa+piano  earthsongs W-47  

‘J’entends le moulin’ was commissioned by the English Montreal School Board Chorale, Erica Phare conductor.

Publishing Information

Available through Earthsongs, for SA and SATB  Click here for Order information

J’entends le moulin (I hear the mill-wheel)  - A Very Special recording

This is a very special version of J’entends le moulin, sung by the 2010 All State Treble Choir of New Mexico. It was conducted by Ms. Constantina Tsolainou, who spent some time with my father in the early 90’s at McGill University, where he would “photocopy his new music just in time for my classes, often cutting and pasting with scissors and glue!”  

The accompanist is Amy Woolley, who is my daughter’s piano teacher. It is a small world indeed! 

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