Songs of Innocence On Poems of William Blake, 1789

Prelude + Introduction & Epilogue 

Infant Joy 

The Shepherd 

Nurse's Song 

A Cradle Song 

A Dream 


These wonderful timeless ‘songs’ have inspired composers ever since writer-printer William Blake penned them some two centuries ago. I have tried to portray in the musical settings that heartfelt innocence that Blake so beautifully and sensitively brought out in his writing. I was certainly pleased, and honored, that my daughter Karin played them while yet a ‘child’.

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Songs of Innocence  On Poems of William Blake, 1789  (19:40)

   Complete set  (45 pp)  AT700.48  $12.00  ($13.60 if ordered as separate octavos) 

   Prelude-Introduction-Epilogue  (1:30)  Prelude hp fl; Int-Eplg: ssaa+hp, fl  AT710.10  $2.45 

   Infant Joy  (2:19)  SAssaa+hp/piano,  flute  AT712.4  $1.95 

   The Shepherd  (2:29)  ssaa+hp/piano  AT713.6  $2.15 

   Nurse's Song  (2:39)  ssaa+hp/piano,  flute  AT714.10  $2.45 

   A Cradle Song  (5:13)  ssaa+flute  AT715.6  $2.15 

   A Dream  (3:40)  ssaa+hp/piano  AT716.10  $2.45 

   Epilogue (1:00)  (The Epilogue is identical to the Introduction) 

This suite was commissioned by the St. Lawrence Choir of Montreal, Iwan Edwards conductor.

It may be accompanied by piano or harp.

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