"One of the best thing about putting this website together was finding video footage of Donald's music all over Youtube! I was impressed by the geographic diversity of the singers and also their ages. I have posted a few. Please send me yours!”

Please see all the youtube videos on my Youtube channel by clicking here. Lara Patriquin larapatriquin@gmail.com

Vive la Canadienne

Deep River

Ah! Si mon Moine voulait danser!

T-Ach! Synku, Synku

I Went to the Market

A Child’s Carol

J’entends le Moulin

Star of County Down (new!)

Savory, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Canada We Love You! (opening night at the Olympic O Zone, O Zone rehearsal, opening of the Olympic Oval in 2009)

Overture to Christmas

Titanic Requiem


Kali’s Song

New Music! World Music Suite Three (3)

listen to the entire suite on this youtube playlist

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