The Five Seasons
    The Apple Tree in Bloom 
    Roses Ahead 
    Indian Summer 

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The Five Seasons

A suite of five movements - on poems by James Hayford, Vermont, USA along with Ralph Gustafson and Frank Scott, Quebec, Canada.

The Five Seasons was commissioned by Northsong (Vermont) and the Georgeville Occasional Choir (Quebec) for the reopening of the Haskell Opera House, which straddles the border between Canada and the United States. 

Publishing Information

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   Complete set of the five movements  Various voicings  ($10.65 as separate octavos) AT214.32 

   pdf The Apple Tree in Bloom (Spring) (c.3:00)  Ssatb+piano (some divisi in each voice) AT216.4 

   pdf Roses Ahead (Summer)  (c.2:00)  ssaattbb a cappella  AT217.4 

   pdf Autumn  satb+piano; opt: ob or fl, trg  AT218.8 

   pdf Indian Summer  ssaattbb+piano; opt: ob hn vc  AT219.8 

   pdf Winter  ssaatbb+piano; opt: fl ob hn cl  hn vc, timp or bass dr  AT220.8