The performers in the following clips are Francine Poitras, first singer with Circle du Soleil, and Donald Patriquin, composer of the music for Miz Laurier.

Illusion, Merelly llusion is sung by Eddie and Luciana early in Act 1. Eddie is enamoured of Luciana and, openly stricken by her, asks why she behaves as 'forwardly' as she does if she really has no interest in him. Luciana replies in this song that it is all an illusion and that Eddie really does not know "what is fact and what is fantasy".

Girl occurs early in Act 2 in Luciana's kitchen shortly after the argument she and her paramour Peter have had towards the end of the Act 1. Suzi, Lu's actress daughter, arrives only to find her mother crying her heart out. She knows her mom has given up a lot for her and consoles her. Lu listens for a bit then packs Suzi off to bed. Left alone with her thoughts, and deeply touched by her daughter's love for her, Luciana sings a heartfelt song that only a mother could devise.  

Creative Endeavours is sung by Luciana part way through Act 2. It is a tango - an "Apache Dance" - for which the music is from the musical within Miz Laurier. John, recently dumped boyfriend of Luciana's best friend Jane, is Lu's partner in the dance but has arrived for the rehearsal late and somewhat inebriated. John has a great deal of style but gets the steps all wrong, drops Luciana often, and manages to grab her in all the wrong places. At the end of the song, completely fed up, Luciana fires him!  

 Merely Illusion 
 Creative endeavours

Miz Laurier revolves around the relationship of actress Luciana Laurier to her actress daughter, as they are about to start the last show of a run. Luciana herself is facing a decision to continue or not to continuing as an actress. Should she follow her ideals or become a ‘good wife’? Luciana has problems advising her daughter: should she follow in her mother’s tumultuous footsteps or should she follow amore secure path? The plot becomes complicated as boyfriends enter the picture, but in the end both mother and daughter find mutual courage and follow their ideals and their real passions; the stuff Shakespeare - and A Chorus Line - are made of!

Miz Laurier

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