Take a bungled bank raid, a destitute solicitor, a drunken judge, a bizarre escape, patent medicines and a winsome barmaid and what do you have? CHICKASAW, THE ELIXIR OF LOVE, is an entertaining new Canadian musical comedy that is available for performances by community theatre, drama schools, and high school productions.

The show is a twist on the St. Alban's raid of 1864, five years before Jesse James' notorious robbery. Based on Donald Davison's book, Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon, which deftly mixes fiction with facts about a little-known story of Canadian involvement in the American Civil War, CHICKASAW features a sparkling script by Roger de la Mare and memorable songs by Donald Patriquin and Graham Hardman.

CHICKASAW was directed by Vesta Jorgensen in a very successful debut in October and November 2007 with Knowlton Players in Knowlton, near where much of the original drama played out a century and a half ago, deep in Québec's beautiful Eastern Townships. The show photos on this Web site are of this production. Go to official Website

Finale: The entire cast rejoices as justice is served and love is found.

Montreal, Montreal: Rebel soldiers revel in the vices of their newfound city.

The raid is factual . . . the romance is fictional . . . the result is farcical!


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